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01/Super Yachts

A world class industry which demands both superior standards from the vessels design as well as from the supporting services to ensure the vessel operates smoothly. The increase in the number and the complexity of super yachts coupled with an ever-increasing demand for charter has resulted in a complex fabric of regulations, standards and certification requirements. We are actively involved in this sector, particularly in the application of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code which has become one of the industry’s benchmark standards. We also offer a range of design, survey and consultancy services to meet the particular demands of superyacht owners, crew and managers.
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02/Commercial vessels

Crucial to the economies of local communities as well as to global trade, commercial vessels are an essential link in the marine transport and supply chain. The sector encompasses general cargo vessels, tankers, bulk carriers and passenger vessels and our range of services vary from the survey on behalf of flag Administrations, managers, underwriters and prospective buyers to the regulatory and design consultancy for builders and other entities undertaking ship conversion and repair projects.
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03/Specialist vessels

The increasing number of specialist vessels worldwide, most of which operate in the harshest of marine environments, require top end technical support in their typically short port visits and when undertaking structural modifications in order to adapt to new service demands. Vessels such as pipe and cable layers, heavy lift vessels, dive support vessels, anchor handling ships, offshore supply vessels and fishing vessels are all very particular in their design and operational characteristics.
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04/Fish Farm Vessels

A niche industry which has experience rapid growth, continuously adapting new technologies to cement itself as the future in providing sustainable fish for consumption globally. We have taken part in the growth of the fish farming industry within Maltese waters, sustaining the industry with our services in design, new build consultancy and survey.
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