Merchant Ships

Condition surveys and P&I entry surveys

Ship condition surveys are typically carried out in line with client specific requirements and in line with our internal guidelines which reflect those issued by the International Group of P&I Clubs members, IACS Classification Societies and major Flag States. The survey and related report would also offer added focus on particular details and aspects relating to the ship type and operational nature. A preliminary report including pictures and defect list is issued within 24 hours from completion of the survey and a final report issued by not longer than 5 working days from completion of survey.

Hull & Machinery damage surveys

In the event of structural damage caused by particular perils such as collision, stranding, fire and heavy weather or machinery damage we can provide detailed damage assessment, repair supervision, repair specification and review of repair costs.

Bunker surveys

Bunker surveys for ship delivery/re-delivery purposes as well as for general supervision as any particular case may dictate are carried out in accordance with the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 17.1, Guidelines for Marine Cargo Inspection.  

On-hire/off-hire surveys

These surveys are carried out in accordance with the operating practices and instructions of the clients and set out to determine the condition of a vessel prior to a charter commencement or upon its completion. The survey also establishes the bunker quantities on board and the cargo hold condition. In some instances clients may request report on the verification and condition of cargo lashing and securing equipment on board.

Towage approval surveys

A towage approval certificate is issued for a particular tow when the necessary equipment is verified, towing connections and arrangements are examined, operational precautions and measures are agreed and the stability and strength of the towing and towed vessel are evaluated.

Flag surveys

At the request of Flag Administrations of ships visiting Maltese waters we carry out annual or occasional surveys in line with the guidelines issued by the same Administrations or in line with particular International Maritime Conventions which could be applicable.
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