Super Yachts

Super yachts have historically been defined as yachts of over 24 metres in length, although today, with the advent of new technologies and facilities boundaries have been pushed and it would be reasonable to state that entry level starts in the over 30 metre bracket. Nonetheless, these remain luxury yachts that may be powered by motor or sail and typically combine elegance, style and performance in order to provide owners and guests with the ultimate experience at sea.

The increase in the number and the complexity of these yachts coupled with an ever increasing demand for charter has brought along an array of new regulations, standards and certification requirements. We have been actively involved for a number of years in this sector particularly in the development and implementation of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code which together with the MCA Large Yacht Code has become one of the industry’s benchmark standards. We therefore offer a range of design, survey and consultancy services to meet the particular demands of superyacht owners, crew and managers. We can proudly state that we have worked with some of the finest builders, highly experienced crew and on some of the most exclusive yachts in the World. Above that we pride ourselves of maintaining continued special inter-personal relationships with the persons we have worked with and with some of the most experienced professionals in this field.

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