Conceptual Design & Technical Specification

Naval Architecture - Vessel Design

Naval Architecture - We believe that a successful design is one which embodies the client’s vision by blending form and function. Be it a striking yacht or an efficient workboat, this success can only be obtained by merging creative engineering and elegant lines. The intelligent use of space, attention to detail by means of continuous weight monitoring as well as reduction of weight by means of modern structural design tools are key elements in the design process.

The importance of developing a solid project technical specification document, which would form the basis of the eventual contract with the selected builders and contractors, cannot be emphasised enough. The need to allow no room for misinterpretation by any party at this stage by providing the necessary details and instructions is essential. Failure to do so is likely to lead to hefty additional costs not accounted for at contract stage.

We understand that from concept to detailed design stage the initial or original proposal will change to suit particular operational, safety or other evolving scenarios. We can assist you along this process from project specification and concept studies through to detailed design and build supervision.

By using top end fully integrated digital prototyping software supported by powerful rendering tools we can effectively develop, analyse and visualise designs and co-ordinate modifications very effectively. By having full control over key aspects of the hull design and fairing process, the generation of structural members from our vast material database and by automating mechanical system design, pipe runs and related systems under a common conflict management system we ensure avoidance of modifications during build and a speedier, more efficient design process.
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