On-Board Management Systems

We can assist you in setting up ISM (and Mini-ISM) systems by producing vessel specific operational manuals and procedures aimed at:

-    Enhancing safety awareness and compliance with mandatory regulations;
-    Streamlining on-board operations;
-    Defining and improving roles and responsibilities and lines of communication;

The system, developed in close collaboration with the crew and managers who would be responsible for its implementation, would be regularly monitored and updated as required based on the operational experience of the particular vessel. Our contribution is regarded as a starting platform and successful implementation is only possible by carrying out periodical ship-board audits which would ensure that the system is a dynamic one that focuses on the needs of the client and vessel in question.

In practice, the on-board manuals would comprise documented operational procedures, check-lists and contingency plans. The system would also incorporate a tailor-made preventive maintenance schedule covering all essential machinery and equipment on board. This is an essential tool leading to long term benefits particularly by reducing down-time and repair costs.
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