About Us

NAVAL ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES Ltd is a Malta based company having as its main aim that of offering World Class marine design, survey and consultancy services to the shipping, superyacht and offshore sectors. We believe that our background in Naval Architecture in Malta, Marine Engineering, ship regulation and survey provide an optimal blend of knowledge and experience to help us achieve our aims.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement, client focus, consistency and prompt bespoke service. We give particular emphasis to the importance of keeping abreast of the constantly evolving world of maritime regulation and technological innovations in the field. On particular projects and as the need arises, we have access to and collaborate with other established experts in order to ensure delivery of quality and cost effective services at all time.


Our Offices are located literally a stone-throw away from Palumbo Malta Shipyards, walking distance from the World renowned C&N Grand Harbour Marina and within easy reach of all major yards and marine service providers on the island.

Naval Architecture Malta
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